The Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies
Training Providers Forum 2009

Supporting Documentation   
1. Notes. A summary of the discussion on 11 November here DOC
2. APB Staff Paper: Summary of the Main Changes in the New ISAs (UK and Ireland)herePDF 120Kb
3. Practice Note (PN) 26 - Guidance for smaller entity audit documentationherePDF 690Kb
4. ISA 315 - Identifying and assessing the risks of material mis-statement through understanding the entity and its environmentherePDF 300Kb
5. IAASB Statement on ProportionalityherePDF 144Kb
6. April 2009 Audit NewshereDOC 40Kb
7. Clarified ISAs for Providers of Audit Software, Training and Methodologies - IntroductionherePPT 80Kb
8. BackgroundherePPT 1377Kb
9. The Clarified ISAs, Audit Documentation and SME Audit ConsiderationsherePPT 1373Kb
10. APB Adoption of Clarity ISAsherePPT 170Kb
11. Clarity ISAs: ISA 600 GroupsherePPT 89Kb
12. Agreeing to the Terms of Audit Engagement and Management Representation ISAs (UK and Ireland) 210 and 580herePPT 100Kb
13. Materiality: Planning and Performing the Audit Evaluating MisstatementsherePPT 99Kb
14. APB Research into Improving the Audit ReportherePPT 195Kb
15. ISA 550 Related PartiesherePPT 1000Kb
16. Closing RemarksherePPT 103Kb

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