CCAB Mission

Our mission is to be the collective voice of the UK profession

Strategic Goal

Our strategic goal is for the CCAB to provide a forum whereby its member bodies can meet and act collectively on behalf of the accountancy profession in the UK to promote the public interest on matters within the sphere of the profession and its members.

Strategic Objectives

Providing a forum for considering current and emerging issues and agreeing joint approaches to government, Financial Reporting Council (FRC) and other authorities, both national and international, on behalf of the UK profession and, in particular, where significant public interest issues are at stake.

Maintaining and developing CCAB’s identity as the collective voice of the UK profession.

Providing a mechanism for influencing the global profession by representing the views of the UK profession to international standard setters, regulators and other bodies; including the making of nominations to international organisations.

Facilitating joint project based thought leadership, technical work and research on behalf of the UK profession, where this enhances the ‘collective voice’ and adds value for the bodies.

Education and Training

CCAB does not undertake any education or training activities; these are matters for the individual bodies.

You will find advice on each of the websites of the individual bodies.

Recruitment advertising for accountants frequently refers to ‘CCAB Qualified’ accountants. Such a qualification does not exist. The term is convenient shorthand for the qualifications of the individual CCAB bodies.

International Representation

The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) is a world-wide body with the central objective of harmonising the accountancy profession. It concentrates in particular on the production of ethical guidelines and auditing standards. The UK is represented on IFAC’s Board and its various committees.

UK representatives are appointed to serve on international accountancy organisations and their committees and CCAB has established specialist co-ordinating committees to advise and inform the volunteers that serve on these.

Accountancy Europe (AE) Is the regional organisation for the Accountancy profession in Europe. The UK is represented on the AE Board.

Board of Directors

The Board of CCAB Ltd consists of five directors, senior members of the five member bodies. The current directors are listed below.

Catherine Burnet

Paul Henry
CCAB Chairman
Chartered Accountants Ireland

David Matthews

Professor Andrew Hardy

John Cullen